Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary



Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anding, Flora Nell  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I2326
2 Boothe, Bryon Stutson  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I1484
3 Boothe, Clara E.  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I1488
4 Cotten, Laura Mae (Dook)  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I1835
5 Cotton, Clara Lunda  1972Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I2328
6 Cowart, Mary Dorothy  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I2330
7 Crawford, Nancy  1973Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I2318
8 Curry, Jack E.  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I2331
9 Curry, Kenneth Earl  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I2031
10 Curry, Mayo Earl  1982Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I1836
11 Curry, Samuel Elisha  Aug 2006Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I2329
12 Curry, Sherman Mayo  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I2034
13 Curry, Solon Elisha  Jul 1943Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I2327
14 Huff, Narl H.  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I2317
15 McGlothlin, Billie Joyce  Nov 2002Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I2279
16 Penn, Mary Alzier  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I1489
17 Purvis, Susan Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I1853
18 Routon, Lucy Mae  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I1717
19 Rush, Arnie L.  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I1718
20 Thomlinson, Horace Jefferson  Harrisonburg, LA Town Cemetary I2335